Reviews for "The Banshee"


Idunno, maybe I'm not easily scared or something, but I didn't find it creepy at all. Still, it was really really well done, and very much worth watching.

Good remake of an old folktale

Not scary but had an unsettling aura with the limited view and silhouette imagery. Not bad in any aspect.

This is absolutely magnificent

This is true art. A masterwork like none other. The authors use of ambiance and flawless visual effects create a perfect horror movie. Absolutely above the bar. Superb

good and scary

When a terror-horror movie scares,it reach to his objetive.So this is a Really cool movie.Keep the good work,please. I don't put tens very often,because a Ten means perfect.and this is.

holy hell...

fuckin a that was great! wonderful atmosphere, gorgeous animation, beautiful sound. this is truly a masterpiece among the flash animation. i applaud you, and applaud you again.