Reviews for "The Banshee"

Well done.

I wonder if I have the credentials to technically be reviewing a movie, since I haven't actually made one...yet...anyway.
Very nicely done. The graphics weren't the best, but they didn't have to be, and what was there served to augment the creepy story beautifully. I love that accent.
And the person who reviewed before me is correct; a movie doesn't have to make you leap screaming out of your shoes or shove breasts in your face to be good. The ones that make you actually think, and then shiver a little with a sense of just general unease, are the best ones. And this one accomplishes that well. Good job.


That was a pretty good flash, it was kinda hard to hear tho. yippiekayee, it doesnt have to have nudity or be scary as hell to be a good movie so i dont see why u rated it low just because u didnt get to see tits and piss urself.


First of all, what the hell kind of a grandmother would tell her granddaugther that shes gonna die? Other than that, i was hoping to get scared, but nooo, u didnt even try. Also no nudity, i dislike everything that has no nudity.


This was a great flash, i loved the plot and the direction. The style with which it was done is absolutely amazing. Just one thing that was annoying, the background winds were being repeated over n over again, that could of been done better.

All in all this is a gr8 flash and is very well done. Keep up the good work n lets see more of those.


That was so cool and so scary!!! the story is very simple but this flash really brings it to life. those skeletons totally creeped me out. this is excellent work!