Reviews for "The Banshee"


Although I think that this story assumes that the viewer have some knowledge of the tale (in which I didn't), I think I grasped it very well and appreciated it in the end. If I would do something to make it better, i would add more animation in it....u did a good job on the graphics, so why not add some more? Great Job! Big Ups...P.S>>N e more coming out? C-Lo

True to form

An excellent piece of work though I had to turn my sound up all of the way just to hear anything. Despite the volume problem it was smooth and clean just like the artwork.


Very nice. i loved the siloette effect. I think te skeletons just wanted a hug!


good but what did the skeletons signify death?

Love it!

I am a lover of Irish Folklore. Would kinda figure since im part Irish. Anyways good movie. very creepy, especially liked the wind sound effect just the way i kept blowing very nice. The animation was good ESPECIALLY THE SKELETONS! If you could make more on Irish Folklore IT WOULD BE SWEET!!!!