Reviews for "The Banshee"

It was great in 2001, and it is still great! Nice to revisit this lovely ghost story!

i love it

i love the art style and how you gave the voice just a hint of sorrow when speaking.
i wouldn't call this a horror, it was more depressing than scarry.

this was great!

one of my favorites on newgrounds! :D

creepy as it gets

i love how you made the moon red. grest effect


The great quality voice acting really gives it that "scary campfire story" quality. And the good kind, not the one where you're sick of the story cause everyone tells it on every camping trip.

My enjoyment of it was a bit strained due to a passing ice cream truck >.<

The only thing that could have been better was that light that flies around for most of the movie, the blatently visible borders kill it.