Reviews for "The Banshee"


That was so cool and so scary!!! the story is very simple but this flash really brings it to life. those skeletons totally creeped me out. this is excellent work!


I love Irish folklore, and the bean sidhe has scared the crap out of me since I was a really little girl. The first time I saw Darby O'Gill & The Little People, lol

Pretty Good

That was pretty good. Never heard that story before so i thought it was well done.

Well done, indeed.

It has been an extremely long time since I've seen justice done to any banshee story. Did an excellent job on this flash. I applaude all involved.


I really liked this flash, very nicely done! I applaud you on this one especially since it is the first one of yours on Newgrounds. It certainly doesn't look like your first flash you have done in your life, but if it is, that makes it that much better!