Reviews for "the Echo"


OMG THIS is so good buetyfall i like it, right to my favs.


i like this style of art, sorta like japanese or Chinese calligraphy so 10 from me


I loved this flash! Great work, all my 10's! Please do more of this style of art. By the way, what was that song? I didn't see a title mention and I know I heard it somewhere before.... Probably an anime or vid game; all the same great interpritation of it. Again, keep up the good work!

Cridia responds:

The song is from the game Crono Cross, and its called Time's Sacr (or Scar of time). It is composed by Yasunori Mitsuda.


You've got a lot of potential.
As if i wasn't already enjoying the piece, you made me sit up when all those colours started flooding in.
That's some crazy inspiration you've got goin there.
Keep it up! ^_^

love it

10/10 lol this is one of the best flashes to hit new grounds...i dont think any one will be able to match this well except for you