Reviews for "the Echo"

good music mixed with a very good artistic style

the music, very good since it's from one of my favorite games of all time, yet the art is orginal and Very well done. i also am delighted that ya used a samurai ^_^ they rule, very good piece, i would like to see more flashes like this on newgrounds. keep up the good work.


This actually inspired me to go out and make a flash (not exactly like this but similar [okay not really even that similar]). This actually got me to thinking and thanks to you I have some ideas. This is excellent it looked, sounded, and even felt great (if that makes any sense).

Holy shit!

A magnificent performance of both beauty and grace. Bravo! It was absolutely fantastic! You are a very talented artist.


This was a truly beautiful flash, i loved the calligraphy style of it(reminded me of the game okami). The song was also amazing(Chrono Cross is my fav game of all time so i know the song very well) and fit the overall mood of the movie very well. I would really love to see more from you. sayonara!!


The animation style was very cool. I've seen it before in Mulan so I can't say that it was original, but you did a great job with it. I loved the way you used the music: I got chills when that violin was hitting the high notes. I wish there were more submissions like this one. Keep up the good work!