Reviews for "the Echo"

Great style.

I really loved the style of animation you used in this peice. It made it very enjoyable to watch. I would like to see more peices like this in the future.


I enjoyed the music. It was from Chrono Cross, wasn't it? My only gripe would be the sheer rediculousness of the girl's hair. So much volume!

amazingly amazing

that was awesome. the style and way the flash flowed was awesome..and nice choice of music too..im a huge fan of chrono cross and love that song. This is one of my top faves on here


This is an incredible flash. I wish I could do that. Hell, I just wish I could draw like that. It was excellent, only there is no interactivity beyond the play button, no violence (Which, by the way, I appreciate in this style of flash), and it wasn't funny, hence the scores in those catagories, but I loved it. I hope you will do more like this. Keep up the good work.

This is amazing!

not much else to say i loved it. it blew me away a little.
completely awsome!