Reviews for "the Echo"


Like watching a moving painting.
Deviantart has many great artists and you are one of them.

1000 bonus points for using chrono cross

dude id give u a 10 just for the music, but u have skill that is rediculously awesome. i salute u dude.

and i would love to know where u got the music.

dont listen to that last douche

I liked it a lot it was a very cool story line based off a quote. it was very good and the music was awsome too. keep up good work like this i liked it alot.

very differnet and it works

very cool. i liked the style its diffenert and cool. we need more with that style.


the music is perfect......its from chrono cross love the music from that game......this was done so well...the style is so different i loved it!!! it gave me goosebumps listening to this song it always has. i look forward to seeing more of your stuff