Reviews for "the Echo"

all i can say is wow

im amazed its absolutly brilliant the animation and the music the simple outlines and simple background work so well, everything you have done with this flash is just perfect i loved the way you painted the first scene with the brush, its just brilliant lol very well done!.

*Jaw drops*

I've never seen something so beautifully expressed in a form of a simple flash in a long time.
It was straight-foward and touching. The background style (kinda hard to read lol) was unique, the drawings were great. The message added in the end gave it a good finishing touch, even though it was showed in the background the whole time.

Hope you would make something amazing like this again in the future!


Simplicity is beauty :)


That flash was a work of art. Props to you my man, keep up the classy work!


i loved this piece. the style was brand new and bold. the music was a damn good choice. the whole story was fairly played out too. simply awesome man. keep it up with your work because i think myself and a shitload more of people want to see more work like this