Reviews for "the Echo"

Good work...

This was a really enjoyable flash, and the artwork and story were amazing. The sound and style both helped it to flow like the well written story it was, and left happy thoughts in my mind...Whatever your inspiration for this was, keep it, cause with it, youll continue to make great stuff like this.......you get 5/5....

awwwww cute! :3

very good animation, i really loved it!

This is one of the best workes i have EVER seen!

If there was a score higher than a 5 you would get it. Apart from the style being completely original the story is breathtaking. The animation is smooth and the messege is clear. You have an amazing gift.


Wow, this is amazingly great, I liked the music, I liked the animation. I think we need more of these rather than just senseless violence work.

Keep up the good work!

10s across the BOARD

WOOT this is AMAZING and im sure you tired of hearing that cause im sure that youve heard that too much soo far lol but you are AMAZING with Flash lol i love your style and everying about this animation ESPECIALLY the part where you colored it lol i love how you made the music notes bring the color down.