Reviews for "the Echo"


It left my mouth wide open, the animation was done beautifully and so smoothly, and at the end with the colors wow just simply amazing. I hope you continue to create more wonderful flashes like this one i'll be checking every so often!

one small problem

this has nothing to do with the movie the movie was great its the song you said the song was from crono cross but thats whats wrong justthe spelling you spelled crono instead of chrono oh well thats it great movie

like the style

was very stylized and unique, keep up the good work

Very good

The graphics weren't that great (but still very good and fitting I suppose), but the sound really sealed this deal for me. You got top score because the musical score was so great. Haha. And that was cool when the color came back...that's what closeness can do to you.


That was beautiful. I love the Hokusai-style artwork and the Okami-style ideas. Great music.