Reviews for "SSAM #4"


i seriously cried.
it s really nice, everithing is great, but personally i don t like the graphics.
very emotional

Emotionally beautiful!

The feelings were greatly felt in this movie - thanks so much for your hard work!


You are increadable. You can represent emothians better thatn anyone else I have seen on Newgrounds and you use a serios subject that you never see used. Thank you.

And then....

Then you go to England... and you see her!
To your disapointment, she is fat! Thats not all! She forgot all about you! There's more... She has a boyfriend who can whoop your ass!
And she has crab? Sure, lets give her crabs!

i know what this is

this is NorthPark
the polar opposite of southpark, exept with the same style of grafix

but will you be doing another?