Reviews for "SSAM #4"

Tear in the eye, man. Tear in the eye.

Holy shit dude, that was kind of like the same thing that happened to me down to the bone, only she went to Hong Kong and I got stabbed after she left. Good story dude. If only the real life one didnt suck so bad.....

good flash :)

btw, that "horrible song" happened to win a few awards. It is a very symbolic song if thought about. Now, nice job on the flash series. It an interesting story that has been introduced. For those who exit before the credits, the song is "Iris" by the Goo Goo Dolls


Im still enjoying it, except for another horrible song at the end. Words cannot explain how terrible that song is.

once more you top speilburg or someone famous

i can explain how much i liked this in 3 words. "I loved it


these are maybe the best things on newgrounds. and whats the song at the end of this one?