Reviews for "SSAM #4"

One of the few...

Flash animations that actualy conveys emotions beyond the usual blood guts glory and humor,.. bravo. Keep up the great flash work.

One word to be desribed : BEAUTIFUL!

I had never seen such a beautiful flash series on newgrounds! I had fell in love with your work!!! looking foward for the ending series

Two (2) thumbs up!

To the creator: Great job! You'll notice that most fields for grading were left unrated, that is because they simply did not apply. Over all I gave it a 10! I like the "South parkish" quality of graphics and the music selection was keen. The story itself was great. I say so because this was the first of the seriese that I watched (plan to watch the others) amd I falt as though I knew that whole story. i liked the way it ended as well! HOPE FOR TOMORROW! You are worthy of my calling you an artist. Keep up the good work.


I watched the whole series so far, it touched me...
amazing job, i can't wait to see the next one


Your proabaly thinking why I gave this flash a 10 if all the other catagories are 0. This movies totaly sucked but in some way in just touched me. So i'm giving it 10. (sobs)