Reviews for "SSAM #4"

It Could Be A Movie In The Future

I see some south park style there preety cool, and amazing that it is like south park without violence and blood, its PURE love, and Sadness...

This doesnt look like it was made by some normal guy that just made this thing up.. maybe this story is about you?

Anyway hope you do more episodes and when u do them all maybe you could put them all in ONE whole movie!

//Emil A.K.A Famous E


pretty damn good... finaly a flash movie that doesn't try to be funny.
I love the quotes at the end of yer movies especially the first one.
did you write em yourelf?
you got a lil south park thing going there with your animations eh?

it was nice

hmmm i liked it, like the other guy said. i didnt take your advice- i just went on watch'n
something tells me this is going to end up like the movie "notebook"

just want u 2 know

i did not taked your advice and, wached the 4rth first, but man , you got a fan on me


Great job. Although the graphics weren't exactly befitting, the overall message was clear as day. And god can I understand it.