Reviews for "SSAM #4"

Well Done!

but why does he still have the dam eye scar :P


I cried again... lol.

Good work! Amazing...

A good series.

I really liked the whole series. The set pieces were good. But I have 2 crticisms. a) It was a little predictable. And finally your character is a whiney emo bitchface! Hes needs to grow some balls and stop crying.

But still an excellent series.

another good job man,

i'm getting to like these more and more as i watch them one after the other this is a really nice story line man,


great job again!

i just have to say that Iris at the end ruined the mood :P. like i said before, try to stay away from songs with lyrics (i know it is too late lol). but what is also great that i have noticed since i am watching these in rapid succession is how uv grown as a flash artist. great job! ur getting better!