Reviews for "SSAM #4"

Errors ruined it.

Some spelling errors really ruined the mood.
You said ' Hey heart was pumping in my troath. ' Rofl, what in the hell?
Kinda killed it.

Then you said.. I had to move on, but he never did? Maybe I'm missing something there..

Some voice acting,would really spruce things up.

I don't feel this movie is front page material.

Thats Is My Life In A Flash

wow this series is almost exactly like my life with me and my girlfriend sept she didnt move country she now just lives the otherside of the country i lost so many friends i got in fights i cried i and i hated living without her this is a series i really relate to i hope to see episode 5

awesome job with this series


That was good

these episode gave love, hate, sad and happy thought and feelings. You have done very well on making them i hope i get to see episode 5. Good Luck to u.

~Leprechuan of Jesus and pals~

nice =)

i like the series =) kewl ending to the whole thing too =) just dont make a #5 i think in the long run it makes the whole thing better if we never no if she does or not =)

awwwwww how gay

THat was ultra gay ive seen better love portals no offense to the maker but that was gay