Reviews for "( ellipsis )"


Pretty good game.
Would be better if you placed some power-ups or something, would make it more addicting. Still i think an 8 is good enough :)


Interesting game, however I was playing it on my laptop, which gave me hell lol. Looks good if you have a mouse, and maybe an autoclicker ;)

not too bad

this game had potential but its missing a lot. you should defenitly add upgrades or a more diverse design, this game was ok but it just didnt deliver on the addiction a defense game needs in order to be successful.
it was a good attempt, keep it up dude

Pretty good

pretty cool game. Got boring after a bit but still not bad. I hated those stupid blues squares that would go all over the place

Not bad

Its alright, not outstanding though, its really just a pretty clicky game, its would better if you could get things to aid you in killing or something like that. Also, I'm sure the noise that is made at the game over is the menu noise from Command'n'Conquer