Reviews for "( ellipsis )"


Defintely a diffrent game from what the normal standards of Defense Games are but its very good, but very hard when you get to some of the later stages.

P.S:Try to play this game on a lapotop and use the mouse that is built in the laptop.....good luck;)


It's cute a little hard on the hand tho. lol


its ok

It was definitley creative

Of all the games and stuff I've seen, it seems like it's pretty hard to come up with some stuff that no one has ever thought of, but this really takes the cake. I'm not sure if this is my first time playing, though. The design was very simple, just these squares flying around everywhere, but it was still a really cool game. I liked how the numbers flashed when they showed how much damage the circle was getting. There were lots of unexpected things going on as well. I really have to give you props for making a creative game with lots of stuff going on.

Ok I guess

It was o.k., but some of the "enemies" were just a little two difficult. other then that fun little concept.