Reviews for "( ellipsis )"

am I missing something?

this game is fun, but hard as hell, how are people getting 9m?
suppose ill have to get myself a bot to =p

Lol, kinda annoying but cool

Its a simple and fun game =) Liked it.
First time score : 329925
Last Wave : 55

HERE IS A HINT : To Avoid enemies that appearing with the destruction of another one, ( like splitting ) RAPIDLY double click on every enemy, first click will destroy the enemy itself, the second one will destroy the other ones coming from the first one.


am addicted

a good game! with one or two fixes needed.

i have two problems with this game:
A- enemies often spawn on top of my circle, how am i supposed to defend against that?!
B- i know that the difficulty is part of the fun, but their were times when it was hella hard to click on anything.

Graphics: 9/10
music: 9/10
game play: 6/10
personal preference (AKA did i like the game or not): 7/10


good game but its way to hard. having to click on the guys it hard. clicking should cause area dmg. good game though. keep up the good work.