Reviews for "( ellipsis )"

Very Good

Good game challenging I would like to see some upgrades and a few more different enemeis but no doubt an awesome game.

its a good time user

for if your sitting in your office with nothing to do


Not so very good. The graphics reminded me of the earlier Geometry War series. I got up to round 51 I think and I gave up. Not very fun, just a lot of useless clicking. If I want to click on things that pop up after I close something, I'll go use IE7. Rank 52 Name: Soulflix Score:246625


i thought i would nver see the day that squares got mad at circles and went on a killing spree.lol its a good gamei loved it.


it was alright,..., need more violence/enemy's u alsoshud keep in minf that u get bored of the same clikcing on square colored boxes...