Reviews for "( ellipsis )"

Very simple, very effective - longevity?

I only wanted to play it the once, despite it being well put together.


Death to shapes!!!!!!!!! Keep it up or I WILL find you.


I can't fucking deal with the fucking light fucking brown fucking blocks.

All the fucks aside, I thought that was a fairly entertaining game, if a bit simple. The annoying part was the fact that you had to click exactly where the block was or it wouldn't hit.

I got to about 80,000 and got bored, though...

Please to make an fun game. One that's real shiny and physics-y

With explosions.


It's not very fun when you have to click exactly on the blocks to destroy them. As suggested by SlvrLinedSmile, an AoE effect of some sort would greatly improve the game. Else it turns into a wrist-killing-clicking melee of sorts between your wrist and the mouse.

This game.

It made me hate colour called white... THEY'RE FUCKING EVERYWHERE!

Besides that, game was cool, great graphics etc.