Reviews for "Runescape Simulator"


what the hell did i just watch.

bkdude responds:

some good shit


This is not an accurate representation at all. Runescape is the largest MMORPG on the internet right now and it isn't because it sucks obviously. It is because it is a well made game. And to be honest, most people who say it's a waste of your lifetime just sit around for hours on end playing other addicting games as well.

bkdude responds:

No, we have jobs, school, hobbies, and friends.

Runescape is a waste of time, as are all other MMORPGs.

This Flash game represents Runescape perfectly.

lol runescapes not gay!

its actually bi! funny movie, made a few good points there, lol.

bkdude responds:

Even given how old this simulator is, it still manages pulling-off a well-balanced representation of the game as a whole.

this video is the truth!

Runescape is gay!

bkdude responds:


loved it

funny when i first played it and went to the main place or watever like 5 people quit and gave me all there stuff. next day i made friends with a 50 year old firemen,,, then next day i killed the wierd shit u call monsters. then next day um i dun remember what happend next day. but it wasin't rs thank god XD game is really cheesy honestly lol. i started playing it cuz i didint want to download games to shit comp so yeah .. never got banned but i did like the geeky kid. the perfect representation of a guy who jerks off to his comp in a daily basis and wonders why he dun have a gf.. could it be the teeth. i duno u tell me

bkdude responds:

That is pretty much spot on, yeah.