Reviews for "Runescape Simulator"


this is sooooooooo funny and that guy at the computer is freaky.

100 atk chicken ftw!

bkdude responds:

You can't beat that cock.


"runescape is Bi-sexual"

bkdude responds:



I get this lol, I used to play, but don't anymore. You get banned alot in this movie! Haha but it's pretty funny as this is pretty much excactly what runescape was when I played it :P

bkdude responds:

:D Glad you liked it.


I play Runescape myself but i've played since Classic and get all the jokes XD.
In early classic days buttons turned on and off pvp you could only turn on/off 3 times.
Then Wilderness was pvp area for 3-4 years i believe then bounty hunter, and now pvp worlds. Wildy was pretty good imo.

bkdude responds:

Yeah. Now it's just pretty atrocious. I'm glad I quit before they really started nerfing it.

I only ever played RSC for a week or-so for-fun, just to see where the game started out. This was probably back in 2005 or something.

this is nothing like runescape

first of all its offensive to put a nerd there and seccond of all players cant kill other players out of a pvp world so noobs dont go near it and seccont you dont get banned imedietly and whats with the bad animateing fred could do bette rand i mean fred not the guy who plays as him. final verdict you suck dragon balls. i dont kare if others like it you could of at leased used runescape fotage i would.oh and btw IT'S OVER 9000!!!!!

bkdude responds:

I don't even know how to reply to this. You question my faith in humanity.