Reviews for "Runescape Simulator"

Soooo stupid

Nothing was even close to being real.. you can't get banned for any of that, except for 'MARCOING' or as it's known by everyone else, 'macroing.' And you certainly don't get those at pop-ups. The actual animation was horrible, as well. Also, for the bottom of the description, you say,
"If you have not ever played runescape, or have recently started playing, and have watched this video, i would suggest you cease playing runescape immediately, and spend your time doing better things. (going out with friends, play better games, DO HOMEWORK... ect.)"
Well I play RuneScape. I do my homework, I get As with occasional B. Who are you to say what a better game is? Also it's called managing your time between playing RuneScape, going out with friends, doing homework, and 'etc.'

bkdude responds:

Sure, you may subjectively believe Runescape to be a good game, but I'll objectively assert through my experiences playing Runescape up-to mid-2006 that the game sucks, has been repeatedly nerfed, and no one should play it.

What I find REALLY funny is the fact that I was roughly your age when I made this Flash game/video, yet you, at your age have nothing to display in terms of Flash skills, therefore making your objective assertion of my animation meaningless.

You're 14. You'll eventually quit Runescape, Period. When you do, I hope you'll look back at this Flash and determine that I'm right, because I am. Then you'll carry on your merry way through your wonderful, individual occurrence of life.

ha so true

especially the selling crap part, I once attempted to sell "bottled air" I had ten trade hits right away lol. Then i tried to sell a food that didnt exist and told people that it would auto level them and that it was really rare. i lost count of the trade hits after about twn seconds...

bkdude responds:


not accurate at all

no where close to accurate, sorry to say :/

every point in this game is what the typical free to play beginner does. either attempts to bot, but fails at life at it, smack talks, and fails at pking. this video was made out of rage, in my eyes, because you failed at the game.

The game is also very flawless now.

btw your acting as if you play runescape, that it has to be your life and you wont do anything else. that might be it in your case since your very irresponsible,
but thats not the case with the average player.

so nice attempt. but, it failed

bkdude responds:

Oh, but you'll completely agree with me once you eventually quit.

Oh good old times....

When there wasn't that stupid trade limit:
Buying for 100k!
I'll sell!
*Imputs 1007 gold in trade window*

bkdude responds:


The truth about rs

is this flash.

bkdude responds:

Thank You.