Reviews for "Runescape Simulator"

Epic nostalgia

game kicked ass back then
though it ruined my like, 5th grade grades.
shit still rocked though

bkdude responds:

Hahahahah. I luckily didn't allow it to change my grades too much...


Very entertaining. That guys teeth made me lol on multiple occasions.

bkdude responds:



i have no right to tell you are wrong but runescape is straighter than world of world craft

bkdude responds:

They're all bad.

-stares at his teeth-

guy needs braces for somthing oh my god -stare-
besides that pretty stupid, but the "runescape is bisexual" made me laugh

bkdude responds:



This is all wrong! I play runescape and it isn't like that at all! + you cant kill players anymore + you have to talk though safe-chat + you arn't very nice...

bkdude responds:

I guess I can't blame a Runescape addict for being unable to realize that this 'game' is over four years old.

Everything is going to be ok.