Reviews for "Runescape Simulator"

lol awesome

this is just like rs cuz the whole thing is true lol

bkdude responds:

yep :D

Worst Vid Ever!

Holy Hell this is bad. The Animation is very bad looks like a four year old has done this whole vid

bkdude responds:

RS looked like it was drawn by a four-year-old back in 2006 as well.

See the correlation? Nope. Dummy. Go make some flash you bum.

Not very good

Flash looks like its been made by a seven year old,and very ugly.
Sorry but... 0 out of 10

bkdude responds:

I think the purpose of the horrible graphics relative to what RS looked like in 2006 went over your little brain.


RS is horrible no matter how much jagex thinks they are enhancing it. I prefer world of warcraft much more.Much more worth the money.

bkdude responds:


Have fun with that.

MMORPGs are all the same in essense :D

Hah, funny!

This is more like a hater's point of view over what? Seriously though, that spam RS BBS part was pretty laughable.

Just one question though. What do you hate about Runescape that made you put this video here? (just a legit question, due to the fact that this is based on getting banned?)

bkdude responds:

It, like all MMORPGs serves as a complete unenjoyable waste of time.

I made this video to demonstrate how regardless of what path you decide to go by on Runescape, you'll either end up banned or frustrated/bored. The game is fun only temporarily, at which point an addiction subdues its users long after the game served as any basis of fun.