Reviews for "Runescape Simulator"


Runescape isn't a bad game. I still like it even though I barely play it anymore. Your just a jerk off who plays a game and when he/she stops playing they start talking trash about it. And learn how to drawl, I looks like a preschooler made it.

bkdude responds:

Hahaha typical fanboy. There are dozens of games I cease playing that I wouldn't dare bag on, because they were good games! Runescape was never good, and I illustrated why! (with drawing-skills comparable to RS itself in 2006!)

I like this!

Start Train: That's cool, got banned from using macroing software! LOL!
Sell Crap: The high-level thought he could buy an attack chicken but then it was a normal one. Ha!
Scam: The noob told the party hat guy to buy the party hat for 100m. Instead, it's 100k. Naughty noob.
Yell at noobs: WTH? The noob is nine years old. He don't know what's an arse. LOL!
Player Kill: Got killed by Zezima. XD
Spam RS BBS: You think RS is gay? It might be.

This is cool.

bkdude responds:

Despite the fact that people really can't scam each other in those proportions with the implementation of the completely surreal (considering the 'age' of the game, ie, technology) technology, being the central exchange, this flash still provides some humor to people who played long ago.

6 ways on how to be a shithead

and thats you. go back and learn how to draw! but it is true. idiots like to cheat

bkdude responds:

I made the 'graphics' incredibly pitiful for added comic effect (as this was made back in 06', when RS had the once-famous uber-shitty graphics, they're improved a bit since then)

I could probably add a lot more regarding how much they've nerfed the game...

was true but now its not

a fyew years ago this was true but now averyting on runescape has changed

bkdude responds:

Yep. Its all changed for the worse.

In fact, the Runescape portrayed in this video is many, many-fold better than the RS that exists today.


That vid made me laugh the whole time. Everything about it was true. I've just quit myself a few weeks ago. I could have done without seeing the nerd every single time, but overall it was very funny. And a comment for the Author should he read this, Zezima quit :O he's become a mod on FunOrb. Anyway, great job.

bkdude responds:

Yeah, I had a feeling Zezima moved on considering he hasn't been on the high scores in quite a while (I check every few months and log into my dinky alt account just to see how more screwed up they've made the game)

Its good knowing someone else has quit. Hopefully you'll discover something over the tons of Internet material that suits you better in your spare time :p