Reviews for "World Defense"

Fnally, something good <:O

If this is protected, i'm adding it to my favories :) Awsome job!


this is an awsome game got to lvl 19 with out losein music was annoyin really annoyin but even dispite the lack of laughter it deserves the FUCK award

Colaberation of

this movie/game gets the FUCK award

Very Additive, Good Game

The game was very unique and interesing, the fact that it saved ur progress was great. It was simple and fun


I wish I could pay a couple little green men 15 grand to repair the ozone layer... fun game all around, on the final level I finally accomplished my objective of digging a hole to china. I wonder how the people in those buildings feel with the earth revolving at a million times the normal rate... poor guys.

P.S. If your not too picky about your score, you can always destroy all but the smallest building, as it simplifies things dramatically. also, the ozone layer is ok, but not really worth the money...

Very Nice

Great game, I died on level 19 =(. Sorry for the sound, I don't have sound on my computer right now so I couldn't really judge that. the humor was set to 5 just because of when I was listening to my friend play the game and for the first few times he got one of those huge meteors he went "Oh My God!!!"