Reviews for "GGG Deluxe"

very nice

but there is a bug on the pool table levels i found where it bounces a crap load and gives me a lot of points, not enough for high score though

It was great!

This was a great game, 'cept for the fact that fire-fox was being shitty and closed in the middle of the game. I woulda had a score of 30 mill, too. I don't know how good it is though, cause I can't access the scoreboard. Well, either way, it was a great game!


Nice game
did 1st place, just a pittie that i dind put my name in it 8(
keep up the good work!

Online scoreboard won't open

Hey, nice game, sort of an intergalactic golf, lol. I liked it alot. Just one thing though; the scoreboard page on bot [dot] armorstudios [dot] com gives me a 404 page not found error in both Firefox as well as Internet Explorer. You might want to fix that..? My score was 67,495,141 with the nickname Ivaron and now I don't know how well I did XD.

Anyways, it was more of a gravity engine than a game, but it was still really cool. Awesome work!

awsome game

i really liked this game. there are alot of levels to play and some of them are easy but the others are challenging. i liked everything about this game but there was just 1 thing that didnt work for me. the highscore list. the global one not the computer one. i was wondering if im the only one with the problem or is it more people then just me. anyways great game. keep it up and make more :)