Reviews for "GGG Deluxe"

Fun and Addictive Game!!!

This was truly a fun game. I thought I wouldn't get into it and therefore did not put a name down. One game later, I end up with the high score (38,710,588). Who would of known?!?!? I never even played the first game. Keep up the great work!


better then the first by far, and the first was also very good.

cool shiiit

nice game. I am 41 years old and dont play too many of the games here, but this one attracted me and I went through all the levels


This was not as good as the first one. mainly because you subscribed to the "throw as much random bullshit in as you can" school of level design. This makes many of the levels almost completely luck based because you have absolutely no way of predicting what is going to happen once you let go of the ball.

Thoroughly enjoyed!

I havent enjoyed a game like that since Exmortis 2.