Reviews for "GGG Deluxe"

this game sucks

this has to be the worst game i've played on ng, the first one wasn't bad but this one just sucks. also the coffee table, pool table, and soccer field were the gayest part. the beginning was alright i guess. but those parts ruined the game.

when it's breezy, swing easy

nothing like a relaxing round of GGG. new challenges, new rewards.
Some skill, some luck; 1 putt vs. hole-in-one. if you like GGG you are going to like GGG Dlx. Why does the Galactic Golfer wear 2 pressurized space suits? In case a meteor makes a hole in one.

Began to get hard

Very fun but gets hard and becomes a lot more of a game of luck then skill.

level 29: umberinty

Way cool...

This is exactly the kind of strategic game I like. It's like "Orbit", but this game actually has a point.

Replayability is great too. An infinite number of ways to "win" and a scoring system that rewards risk.

I especially liked the levels where you could explode planets.

Good job man - keep it up...

yeah man

it wasent bad. nothing great. i liked it, burned time. but while i had it minimized i realized that the music was beast. its some pretty trippy shit. so ill give you a 5 for your music. peace.