Reviews for "GGG Deluxe"

Excellent Game

I love it. Every bit of it. I like the concept of physics in this game. Just goes to show how great flash is becoming now adays.

My Score: 89,305,164

Love this game. Great work!

Black hole in one x16 :DDD

My end score is 53,210,771 i salute you. Im looking forward to your games.

my score

since this is a sport game, i guess it must be good for me to get 27,888,940



That was mint
Was better than the first
Keep them comin


Man, that was a hard game, but it was really fun. Sometimes I'd get the ball stuck in some unimaginable place and I'd come out with a hole-in-one. Overall, really, really great.

Personal Score: 24,624,398. Woo.