Reviews for "GGG Deluxe"

This was a truly cool game! It had been a long time since you had submitted games here. While it wasn't educational like some other games, it was still great. You've probably made me enjoy golf more than I ever could in real life. Okay, I am rather fond of minature golf. I think the music is also rather cool.

I appreciate you being so creative. If only I could tell which of the planets are ones that don't make me go "Boom". It's cool to have a golf game with things to collect. The stuff with the planets reminds me of "The Hitchhiker's Guide To The Galaxy". Very well done.

Gotta love the challange

a little tougher than the first. Love it

Even better than the first!

The first thing I have to bring to the table is that one of the most hindering flaws of the game, by which I'm referring to the inconsistency of the varying difficultly [of the holes] has been fixed. Bravo. Another thing I enjoyed, particularly, is the order of scoring at the end of each hole; whereas, instead of multiplying the score before the swing bonus (or deduction thereof...), the scoring system multiplies the score on each hole AFTER the total score has been tallied up. Very gratifying. Unfortunately,the same as the first chapter, even though there is a link to the online leaderboards, it is invalid, for some reason or another. So, my only suggestion would be: either remove the link to that portion of ArmorGames website from the game, or at least validate it. Otherwise, great game overall!

You have a gift

Another master piece:)


great concept, amazing gameplay, realistic physics!