Reviews for "Tomorrow's Nobodies Ep.5"

A Work Of Art

Truely incredible, bravo

Never fails


Good un work.

Still Funny

You guys still know how to make funny movies. What I really like about this one was that you put in video of you guys messing around, I didn't know how similar the characters are to the real thing. I can't wait for the next episode.

Best movie ever!

I've been watching your movies for a long time, laughing my ass of every time.
But that was the best thing I've ever seen!
I just can't understand how you guys came up with all this stuff.

The graphic on this episode is awesome.

The sound... well, yeah... the lines are awesome, like
"I'm a gay, jewish ballerina." Yeah, the jew jokes rocks.

And if you count burning down a house and setting a fireman
on fire as violence then, yes, there was alot of violence,
and it kicked ass!

And for the humor, everything was funny, it couldn't be better,
but you guys has surprised me before.

I hope there will be more episodes in the future,
and more jew jokes. That will end this... review?
This was a review? Eh, whatever.

Best. Flash series. Ever. contact Adult Swim!

seriously, you guys should try and put these on adult swim or something. It's a billion times better than that "metalocolypse" show they have or the "tom goes to the mayor" show. Plus, it's just as good quality-wise.

funny, funny, funny.

can't wait for number 6.