Reviews for "Tomorrow's Nobodies Ep.5"

Fucking awsome man fucking awsome!

Dude(s) this was the most creative kick ass series ive ever seen!
i sooo wasent expecting the live shots of the you guys (the characters). Mad funny, great style, GREAT FUCKING SHIT! This is the best, no the greatest flash EVER!!!!!!!!!!


this episode was great. it was original, funny, <insert good adjective here>, etc. i loved it.

the voice recorings couldve been a bit better tho. the lack of music made them stand out too much. (i know that sounds dumb, but its the only way I can explain it)

the dead cat thing was a nice touch by the way. haha

i laughed so hard

that i couldnt breath. when david made the ending to episode i was speechless laughing i dont know what to say except that this is my new favorite episode from tomorrows nobodies and any other flash on newgrounds


That was fucking hilarious.

"Wait a minute... YOU'RE A JEW!"
I laughed so hard at that, and then the end part when David drew it... oh my god.

Keep up the good work.


Another great episode!

I loved it. It was one of the best episodes yet. Can't wait for episode 6!