Reviews for "Tomorrow's Nobodies Ep.5"

Rocked my socks off.

Best yet, everything was so polished and came together really well as much as the humor being great. Chase eating Eric was hysterical, as well as "I claim thee David's leg". I'm really happy to see there being no compairing this episode to anything else, like how in the last there were flashbacks and such, it's too easy for people to draw little things like that back to Family Guy or whatever else "came up with it" first. I've always known you guys were capable of alot more than that, awesome work.

Awww hell yeah!

This one ruled! I love Tommorow's Nobodies! I'll admit, I was worried about this one not being as good, seeing as how soon it came out and all. But it ruled! Thank you, Eric, David, Chris, and Chase for providing me with awesome cartoonness.


You should let the scrawny wierd kid do all the episodes

once upon a time

6 months ago three of my friends and i had the idea of buying a house and using it strictly for parties and all night gaming. it was an awesome idea, the day after we bought the house fred, the retarded friend "accidentally" burned it down, we were super pissed, so when we went looking for another home, we locked him in a closet. anyways great animation, audio, and storyline


This has got to be one of the most hi-frikin-larious movies i've seen in awhile! Awesome job!

I'm looking forward to Episode 6! =)