Reviews for "Tomorrow's Nobodies Ep.5"

I love you guys...

Seriously for so many years now have you guys gave me joy. Your new shirt should say

Lifes a bitch, then theres nobodies =D

David, eric next time you guys play counter strike, i want in! haha.


I love this stuff!! I hope you guys go ahead and make another one!!

Are you guys like college dorm mates or something or just long time friends?

Muy Beuno

And this whole Chase-Ben debate is stupid, Chase is so much funnier, ben had the gummy bear schtic, which sucked, and compared to, for example, the motorized chair in this one there is no contest. And plus chase animates the dam cartoon he can do whatever he wants in it. YEAH FUCK THAT KID!


I love watching all 5 epsiodes over and over. Any one who gives lower than an 8 on any episode is a mook!!


you guys rock