Reviews for "Tomorrow's Nobodies Ep.5"


I think people were just voting high to fit in... this wasn't funny at all, the only good thing was the fuckin style. If you wanted to make it better just cut out the end.

Chase sucks, we want BEN!

Its sad to see my favorite series go down the drain like this. Chase you may be a good animator but you are not funny. Once Chase was added to the series and Ben lef it has been all down hill. This episode wasn't even remotely close to the real humor that was TN episode 1. I don't know what to say to you guys other than scrap Chase all together and beg Ben to come back.

Good Luck TN

Long, mediocre and pathetic

This was REAAAAAAAlly long and boring. You had many unfunny jokes and worst of all, poor, REALLY poor animation(actually not real animation at all, you re-used the same symbols for like 10 minutes, thats pathetic). I would probably give you probs if you would add better graphics, but not even in that. Drawings looked like some 10 year old doing vectors. Coloring, oh god not even that, with those lazy gradients and flat colors you made my eyes bleed. Also, that was pathetic, barely "acting" yourselfs in front of a webcam. You need some acting lessons seriously and the other guy needs a shave, he looks like a dirty vagrant. Seriously, nothing of this short is worth the score... nothing at all. And I wont start ranting about creativity because there simply isnt. Have a good day and tell your fanboys to vote abusive :).

Tomorrows-Nobody responds:

Finally, someone tells it like it is!

truely trying to help

you guys arent hopeless you just have to complety scrap T N i know its harsh but people really dont care focus on that other stuff thats funny unlike this which is a major waste of time.. oh and do you guys realize your furthering the sterotype that all internet cartoons are just about the animators and the writers if there actully are writers.