Reviews for "Tomorrow's Nobodies Ep.5"


Yeah, basically that was great. Good job and all that jazz. Make another, you guys rock.

Blah, blah, blah.

No but seriously, that was one of the best flashes I've ever seen. The humor was fun. Yeah, fun. woo.

i love this series

i wish you guys would bring back the michael jackson hotdog i thought that was fuckin hillarious (see the old Tn episode 2.2) i love this series i cant get enough and i hope to see him back to cause more trouble ne ways i hope you never stop making these and david your fuckin hillarious

Super Funny!

Your cartoons are always so funny! Can't wait for more! Also, don't know if David is really brainless in person, but he is really cute!


Well what the hell am I supposed to say about that... I've got to find at least ONE thing negative about this! I must!

The television scene was SLIGHTLY less well animated than the rest... that's all I can find...

Great work boys! ;D



What can i say more, it's a laugh at evry time all characters are original and match to make alot great films, don't stop the eforts =D