Reviews for "The Ugly Duck"


Takes me back to the days when my father used to put me in a toilet and shit on me. Good times. Child abuse is funny. Lol.

Get over it people

This flash happens to be good. Lokken's description specifically said "What would happen if the ugly duckling never grew into a swan? A sad tale that would be."

It shows you someone who experienced the same abuse from his father would most likely turn into a killer or an abuser. This is a type of flash would make you think about why the ugly duckling would kill the baby. Maybe he killed him because he doesn't want the kid to grow up like his father or the ugly duckling or maybe he killed him because he is truly demented. Either way, it's a good flash and it is something that could happen to anyone.

So saying that Lokken is sick in the head is plain stupid. This happens to be reality. Get over it.


This movie was phenomenal...Not only for how you made it, but because it opened my eyes to a lot of past experiences with my father... Thank you.


That's freaky. I love your flashes.


Coming from me thats alot! Evdog agrees with me. I didn't get past the part about him sitting on the Baby so dont no how its ends but up until that part it was fucking sick.
heres an example of what im saying, i thought Coffee Break was funny! Again U r Fucking sick.

I do not reccomend watching this unless u r interested in ugly men killing even uglier babies.

In conclusion you should not go near, look at, talk about or even think about Flash ever agian.
With no due respect mager doomer.