Reviews for "The Ugly Duck"


graphics were unique, i liked the whole jaw-being-seperate-from-the-head thing. what confused me was the ending. he puts a baby in the toilet, then sits on it with a blank expression? hmm.

you did do a good job of pulling off this awkward, creepy feel, but it might have been better narrative wise if you just left it with him taking the baby home with him or whatever.


Anyone who dismisses this as sick garbage seriously needs to start thinking.


...what the hell is with you? im ganna go gag myself and throw up now.
Its good, but...just not...good for Newgrounds...
I just don't get why u made it.

More disturbing than coffee break

Excellent creepy quality. I still think you could push it further with some creative character design or some less appealing background, while still realistic. Creepiest thing to me was that baby's face. It looked so angry and will probably haunt my dreams, beating me and shoving me in a toilet.

Saw Coffee Break and am checking out the others...

...but far man, this shit is creepy to say the least. But I found Coffee Break greatly disturbing also. It's your whole style, the vocals, and the actual drawings, also the ambience of the whole compistion is all round creepy. Fucking hit the nail on the head though...