Reviews for "The Ugly Duck"


Its Weird, but good.

thise thing sucks

very disturbing O_o


I just dont really like this much, I find it very disturbing. And what the hell was with that ending? And what is it doing in the Salad Fingers collection?

Silly, and wrong.

Disturbingly Beautiful

That was the creepiest work of art I have ever seen here on newgrounds! It was so friggin creepy,what the hell was your inspiration man? Ah, who fricken cares 10/10/ 5/5 Awesome job man. And please, scare me some more. :)


very different

This is unlike any of the flashes i have seen you do, although i havent seen all 95 of them!!!!!!! It makes me wonder what it was that inspired this seeing how theres not really any humor at all, the mood being set and the difference in animation. Its just not like you man. Its always good to test different outlets for expression though. Anyways, im on like #30 outta 95 of your flashes so we'll see how its goes lol. If i see one good flash from an author i have to watch them all.