Reviews for "The Ugly Duck"


I have to say that was one of the most disturbeding things I have ever seen. Good job.


Yo, i have to say, your clips are strangly amusing, i'd like to see more of them:):):)


I think I'm scarred for life...
This left me feeling rather ill. Good job on that though, actually. It takes alot to leave such an impact on a viewer.
Nightmares for me tonight.

Good but...

It made me feel a little sick... And I do have one question, did he do that to the kid because he doesn't want him to live a life similar to his?

Also, your style is somewhat similar to that of David Firth.


That was simply disturbing. But completely awesome. I dig the graphics. And, to agree with another, they're all ugly. Possibly reconsider the title?