Reviews for "The Ugly Duck"


this was an awsome animation... the person before me is right about why he puts the baby in the toilet..
i thought that was fuckin funny! he put a baby in the toilet!!! that is freakin awsome! i understand why he did it... it was disturbing.. but if you are in a hyper mood its funny... good job

i disagree with that last prick

i believe that this submission was very artistic and had a brilliant message. he put the baby in the toilet because that was how his father treated him. i does not take a ''sick mind'' to come up with that. also he attacked the abusive father because he wanted revenge on his horrible father,and yet he killed the baby because that wass what his father taught him was right to do.

anyhow, great job

Awesome man!!!

Even though I didn't fully understand it, I loved it. That easter egg was so funny! I would have voted 5 if I didn't already deposit points today, LOL! I'll get it tomarrow.

Oh. I see.

The Ugly Duck was beatup as a kid so he hates people that hit their kids because he was. Since he didn't know how to be a father he kills the kid because he killed the kid's father. I didn't get the family at the park reference though. God, I'm still laughing about that easter egg.

Johnys Awesome Review

That was absolutely horrifying and completely disturbing. I like the way you think. And that father deserved it for smacking his kid.
LOL @ baby suffocation. chicka wow wow chicka wow wow