Reviews for "The Ugly Duck"


so the first time i watched this i was like, "wtf"? i guess i have some questions.
1> who's the ugly duck? everyone is f'in ugly
2> does he poo on the baby?
3> am i drunk? possibly...

JeremyLokken responds:

I guess I could have made the father slightly less uglier than the other man. He does not poop on the baby. I can't answer your third question.


Is the dude taking a dump on the baby?


i could sorta see a point and a plot but it wasnt good and the message didnt come acrosse strong enoujght it was just creepy ur not a good enough artist and voice acter to try risky plots like this stick to easyer things that arent so risky >


>>>no way man this isint cool man, the guy saves the kid cause his father was beatin him, he ends up killing the guy AND the kid, sorry dude but this is just twisted.<<<

That Reviewer didnt really get what you wanted to try. Creating a Character with an failfunction in his Head (My English still need some improovements) can be difficult, and although you didnt make the film go too long, you reached your aim - The Man at first tries to rescue the kid, and then cant stand the sound of the crying baby, so he wanted to "lock the sound of crying" away, by using every posibility he can get - even an an dirty Toilet at the Rest-rooms...

Only the Graphics werent as good as the content. The ugly "Duck" was ugly, yeah, but all the other people were ugly too ;D (I dont mean your drawingskills)


really sick man. that different though. this is why i would never hit my kids if i were to have any. good style though. that kid was fucking ugly as well as all the other characters but you can tell the emotion in it. nice!