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Reviews for "LethalRpgWar 2"

Awesome game.

This game is awesome. I compleeted it for 1 hour. I made:
Exp: 1 160 250
Lvl: Ultimate God
Magic: 765
Money: 64 805
Race: Dwarf
Ability: 695

I wish luck to everyone who play this game.


Love the game but is the marine the strongest?

Great Game

Got bored of the LRU style of games, so I decided to come back and play this. Even after playing, and beating, every other Lethal RPG game, this was still able to captivate me for over an hour. Although it seemed way too easy the second time around.
1.5 - 2 hours of playing
over 2 mil exp (Disappointed that I got nothing from another 1mil exp :p)
over 2 mil gold
and had everything in the game
Very good game, and probably the best series I have ever played.

Made a nice improvement...

You made a nice improvement in this game ever since you made your first LRW. Though I think the first one is still excellent. This is much more better.


HEY DEMGELLOKI IF YOU HAVN'T NOTICED THAT THE CODE THAT YOU TOLD US ALL WAS ONLY FOR GUESS GOD LEVEL? the real code ican't tell cause then you woun't have gold o and after god level 10 you become ultamaite god and after that is the lord himsef wicth you get called the lord.