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Reviews for "LethalRpgWar 2"

good game


Fun but easy.

This game is fun, but it's too easy. Just train at the dragon castle, you will come against big green dragons that are easy to kill and give you 5000 EXP, once you hit like God 6 You can 1 hit the Big dragon boss at the black rock untill ultimate god where you have something like 7billion HP.

I was an Ultimate God, with more then 1mill EXP, and way more then 150k gold.

Also if you use lightning a few times in the ruins it bugs and every single hit you do stuns the enemy even without lightning on.

Anyway it was fun to play

U're very good!

I love your game :) i was God lvl 5 with 100000 money xD anyway, in ruins are funny items, like blob helm or gold bow :) i'm waiting for next!

This game kicks ass!

I played this game as a dwarf for 2.5-3 hours and made it to God lvl7 with 511356 exp and all quests completed. But after I killed the horse every time I killed an enemy it would replay the credits so I stopped playing.
But anyway a great game and going into favourites

Benspyda responds:

That problem should now be fixed, thanks for reporting it. Next time you play it should work properly. You were only 3 lvls behind the highest anyway. Thanks for playing my game and Im glad you enjoyed it

Not bad, Levels are unbalanced though.

I liked it, quite a fun game overall, but by the time I was up to killing skeletons (difficulty 7 or something) I was at Ultimate Level, able to kill all the monsters on the quest with one hit, and able to cast the spell Ultimate, which killed absolutely anything... I went to the hardest difficulty place, and just wrecked everything in site... I think you need to slow down the leveling, so that it remains a challenge throughout the game... I also never found the use in the Bow, didn't do much damage compared to the Charge Attack or Character Special... Good game though! Just need some tweaks *thumbs up*