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Reviews for "LethalRpgWar 2"

Hey! Nice weapon and shield

My status:
Level:Umilate King

My comment:Nice!

Not to bad. But I feel retarded

Ok I was doing fine and Im at ultimate god with all the upgrades. Im stuck on a quest to get heads of skeleton lords. I forgot to look where they were located when I accepted. Now I cant find them. I have clicked on every location on the map and even started back to places I had been. No luck. I tried to ruins even. I know Im dumb and all but what do I do to find them? Maybe add something to tell you about the quests you are on to recap without going back to quest building. Oh well going back to play. cant give up.


i finished ultimate god with 1,129,942 exp, marine, with the golden bow, and all other upgrades. after you beat the game you cant use stat ups, or some other buttons(like the whine button).

Nice game

Great game. It's very addicting.
But where do you get the KH 2 music?

rivals the addictive power of cig's

that was a really interesting game, I played until I was "Ultimate God" and couldn't get the wine.

I think it would be cool to see some bosses in each stage. More items. ie. weapons, armors, etc. and possibly more of a story, though it's simplicity may be what is making it a good game. Still bosses would be nice to see, and more weapons/armor...

Is there anything after "Ultimate God"? I had 1 500 000+ exp and didn't get anything.

Benspyda responds:

Nope, you made it to the top lvl, well done. Bosses are a good idea, thanks for the review