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Reviews for "LethalRpgWar 2"

tis great game

u already know most of the bugs.but where in the heck are the dragons?


so far im a lvl 6 god with 457k exp the game is great although there could have been a selection of music and the graphics werent great. a couple of bugs ive found is that i cannot upgrade m dex it just wnt let me. also second time round on the quests i could not rebuy the wine. apart from that great game lookin forward too more of these (wid better graphics):P

I finished it! Yay!

I finished as a spece caded, God level 5, 392200 exp, and 51573 with a baby dragon, AND, every upgrade

great game

good job. i sat and played till i coulldnt get the wine the second time around. good graphics, the music fits,etc. keep up the good work.


Good but..
i had -304 coins and thats make it like the lowest coins i can get is 0 coins not -304 coins!
ohh well and these quest r u copying runescape?? well i dont care good game.